TJS Garage Repairs Pros of Redford & Detroit and surrounding cities

No matter what the issue of your Garage Repair, we can take care of it! Contact me now, and we can find a solution for your need. We work all over the Metro Detroit, Mi area as well as several counties!

Garages come in many shapes, styles, sizes. You have come across one, two-story type garages: Each Rebuild is always different. Every time I get into another garage, it is a new process for each garage because each garage always has its own issues. So as I get into each Garage, they always have something in common with the garage I did before. Some are easy to do, then some are real hard, but they call me the Garage surgeon because that's what I do. I surgically do an operation on the garage, then they look like they did when they were first were built.

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Whatever problem you might have with your garage, We at TJS GARAGE REPAIR PROS of  REDFORD, DETROIT welcome you to contact me at any time. We are located in the metro Redford, Detroit area. We work in all surrounding neighboring Cities and counties, Like Wayne, and Oakland Counties Furthermore we work, in Redford, Livonia, Garden City, Westland, Detroit, Gross Point, Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Farmington, Furthermore, we have been working here for the last 42 years. Furthermore, we have done hundreds of garage repairs. We have repaired 95% of the garages that we have seen. Contact me before you tear it down or build a new garage! I tell my customers if the four walls are still standing no matter what kind of lean the garage has or sag in the roof, we can fix the structural damage. We can repair your garage, Without any big company that will try to sell you a new garage with money that you possibly do not have, We can repair your garage for a fraction of the cost. Contact us now, so we can help you make the decision.

95% of all Garages Repaired
— Most Structural damage
— Sagging ridge plates
    straightened out
— Blown out walls pulled back in
— Corners leveled up
— All walls straightened out
— Extra wind bracing and collar
    ties added for support
— Brick work chimney and
— Carpentry work
— Structural Damage
— Tuck pointing & Brick work
— There are other services and skills
    that I perform as well

— 40 yrs exp

— references if needed

                                                       call 1 313 948 2336




A one car garage can cost from $10,500 to $27,000 and a 2-car garage can cost  $14,500 and $40,300.This price has been adjusted to $44,000 to $70,000 says this is the national average. So when it comes down to the square footage, to build a garage is $35 to $60 per square foot.