Bottom Plates - What are they? 

Bottom plates what are they? Bottom plates are the bottom of the wall that is basically a 2x4 that is secured to the ground with a lag bolt, or a big steel cut concrete nail. A lot of the times I go to jobs and I see these bottom plates that are rotted out from wear and tear of the weather moisture carpenter ants, earwigs and sometimes termites. Over a period of time when the bottom plates get wet structurally they lose strength over time then they start to rot deteriorate. And then what happens is the garage starts to lean it starts tilting looks like it's going to fall over. If this is your issue contact me. The way I repair them I jack the wall I probably secure the wall and then I jack it up. I cut all the rotted bottom played out and the rusty nails in most of the time I will use a 2x4 deck wood treated lumber that doesn't rot. Then a secure this new bottom plate the concrete and then I secure all the new studs to the new bottom plate. So if you see your garage tilting or leaning just go in to your garage and look at the bottom of the garage wall and see and there's pictures here that I have on a site that'll show you before and after pictures 🤗