How to Repair Brick Work With Tuck pointing

We at TJS Garage Repairs Pro of Redford, Detroit Mi can do Tuck pointing repair. The brick joints in the exterior of a building or home. This can be an inexpensive and time-intensive project that preserves the integrity of a brick structure and extends its lifespan.

When a brick home or building faces adverse weather conditions, such as water, moisture, frost-freeze cycles and other factors, the mortar joints between the bricks can begin to break down. These breaks allow water to enter the walls, which can lead to damage and mold growth. Tuck pointing restores the stability of a building's structure by sealing the joints and reinforcing the brick.

Repointing and tuck pointing are two terms used to describe the same process of removing damaged mortar from a brick wall and replacing it with new mortar. We here at TJS Garage Repairs Pros of Redford, Detroit Mi  uses the latest tools and chemicals to make your property look better, function better and increase its value.

To repair the brick in a wall, our skilled brick mason removes the old mortar and then applies new mortar in the joint area. The contractor fills the joint space with a mixture that matches the color of the brick face. This enables the homeowner to save money on brick replacement and prevents further damage.

The tuck pointing process is an important part of brick restoration and can save your home or building from water damage, mold, fire and other problems. This is especially useful for older homes and buildings that are in poor condition.

It also protects your home from structural deterioration and helps retain its value. Tuck pointing can be a DIY project, but a skilled working mason can make the process go faster and easier.

Before tuck pointing, determine the depth of the mortar removal. This can be determined with a straight-edge ruler and painter's tape. A common depth is two times the mortar joint thickness, or as deep as you need to reach solid mortar.

Clearing out the mortar joints with an angle grinder produces heavy silica dust, so wear breathing, eye and hearing protection. A grinder with a tuck point blade is the best tool to use, but you can also work with a wheeled skate-style raking tool, if it's available.

Using a power tool to clear out the mortar from a wall poses the risk of cutting into the brick, so it's best to have a qualified mason do this for you. Cover any sensitive areas with plastic sheeting to avoid scratches and other damages during the tuck-pointing process.

Tuck pointing involves using several different colors of mortar to create contrasting lines that mimic fine mortar joints and hide any minor flaws in the brick surface. This is a good choice for repairing brickwork that has been damaged by weather or graffiti, and it can be an attractive way to improve curb appeal for your home.

A professional tuck pointing company can perform this task safely and correctly to preserve the integrity of your brickwork. TJS Garage Repair Pros of Redford, Detroit Mi will use specialized equipment and chemical solutions to ensure your property remains safe from water and mold damage.