Don't put it off another year ! There are some things that happen in life that catch us off guard, then they call me a year or two later they think the price will be the same ,not so. If there is more damage like I usually see, there is more material and more labor intense. The price goes up. But I am still a lot cheaper than building a new garage. I talked a customer recently and got bids for 40k to 70k She fell over when she heard that .She called me when she seen some of my jobs. She said to me when I met you and seen your repairs you are the man when can you start. Really lol, that 10 people said the same thing. Till this day if you search for garage repairs ,all that will come up is garage door repairs. Try to search for yourself, there might be someone else, I am sure there is but from what hear and I see , there is nobody doing this because it is such a specialty niche if you will ,so call me or text and send me pictures and I can get you taken care of for a fraction of what a garage will cost you to build, till then safe!! TJ