Do I need a Roof repair or New Roof?     


When you find a leak in your home, there is definitely a sign that something is gone wrong. But it does not tell a homeowner what exactly to do. You need more information to determine if you should repair the roof or replace the roof.

TJS Garage Repairs recommend you should call a Professional Roofing Contractor over to take a proper assessment of your roof to clarify that you indeed require roof replacement or just a Repair. The leaks are most often taken care of with repairs.

If there are noticeable places on your ceiling that looks like there is a leak, or if there are some missing shingles, or any other spots on the roof that it looks like there is damage, more than likely it can be repaired. Gusty winds and down pouring rains can cause shingles to be blown off the roof altogether. From a visual point of view, you most likely will need a roof repair.

Roof Replacement is necessary if you have more than a few leaks in various spots on your ceiling.

Water stains can appear on the ceiling if there is a major or continuous leak. If you are noticing these in more than one room of the house, chances are replacing your roof is ideal.

Insufficient ventilation causes the shingles to curl up and other elements of nature, especially where the sun hits the roof all day long. Shingles that are curled at the bottom, the may need to be replaced.

If you are not sure about you're the condition of your roof, contact us at TJS Garage Repairs, and we will see what we can do for you. Roof Replacement for your home can increase and give a price lift in the value of the property, as well as increase curb appeal.